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Bi-lingual elementary school HUMAN FIRST


"At the heart of every religion resides love, but love has no religion"

Jalal a-Din Rumi

September 2023, after 14 years of educational activity, we founded our first elementary school system in order to give our kindergarten children a chance to continue their education according to our values and beliefs.


Human First Elementary School stands on the bridge between:

  • The various spiritual beliefs - Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, secularism and more, recognize their commonality and a deep sense of reverence for the uniqueness of each of them

  • Anthroposophy - the basis of Waldorf's education

  • Sustainability and the love for nature, the reason that connects the human being to the being of the world.

  • Educating the future generation in Israel.

"Without the connection to the Spirit, we believe, we will not be able to uphold the concept of human dignity. We will also lose a certain type of our politics, the politics of the common good. We will find that we are unable to maintain a common morality - and morality must be shared if we want it to do what it has always done - Unite us in communities of shared principles and values."

Rabbi Yonatan Zaks

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