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Peace Tourism

Our organization has initiated a new and unique tourist program, which takes you on a voyage to meet the different peace leaders and organizations operating in our country. The program invites you to embark on a fascinating multi-cultural experience, acquainting yourselves with the different cultures thriving in our country.

It will take you on a journey of learning, experiences and acquaintances, with the local people and organizations of spirit and religion -  Jewish and Muslim - People, who dedicate their lives to peace and reconciliation, as well as to conciseness transformation amongst the sons of Abraham. 


The program, which is designated for all ages, will introduce you to different areas of interest through human encounters, workshops and experiences of nature and of the different views of our country. It offers dessert hikes, visits to holy places and lodgings in unique sites. The program is diverse and offers fascinating activities led by professionals in the fields of music, theater, storytelling, women organizations, culinary arts, sports, spiritualism and religions - all customized to our guest's interests and requirements. We put a lot of emphasis on sustainable tourism and see this as a rare opportunity to experience the local community in an intimate way and to contribute to it in the spirit of sustainability.

Spiritual peace tourism and multiculturalism


We see in this kind of tourism as an opportunity to strengthen and support the local peace organizations in Israel and The Palestinian Authority, organizations, which are active in their efforts despite the challenging realities which they encounter. We also believe it will help create an extensive network of local and international contacts, which will support the reconciliation process and the bridge between the different cultures. We invite you to take part in this new endeavor, which seeks to create opportunity in a place of hardship. An opportunity to forgive, reconcile and love. Come and connect to the people who are creating change and peace in the Holy land, the land of the Prophets. The program is designed for all seasons.

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