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Elishevah Kornstain

Graduated with a Masters degree in Language and Arabic Literature.

Elishevah taught Hebrew in Orient College, the Hebrew Teaching Unit at the Hebrew University and in ״Milah” Studio.

Elishevah also taught Arabic in private classes and in the Language Institute “Polis”. At present Elishevah is teaching Arabic in “Safa Yafa” Studio.


The course is designed primarily to teach Spoken Arabic, we also learn to write and read in Arabic. The Reading in Spoken Arabic allows the students an interactive perception of the spoken language. It also allows them to progress beyond the wrong expressions that an average student normally uses. Till now students have been taught spoken Arabic in transliteration, making the assumption that Spoken language cannot be written. However learning in transliteration has not proven itself in 60 years.


The study program is quite new and gradual. The programs inner logic is based on the program of the Hebrew studio teaching: learning the letter to the word to a short sentence, and from the short sentence to speech.

The program does not burden the student with knowledge that they cannot retain and gives them time to practice and review the learnt material.


The course will be held twice a week, which means students will have to commit for showing up two meetings a week.

We would like to emphasis that this course is designed for earnest students. We are living in a space that does not allow to learn Arabic in natural and easy way, and a person needs to get out his way in order to learn a new language. We tried hard to build a program that considers this limitation and the difficulties in learning a new language.

For us learning a new language effectively requires consistency and determination and therefor a commitment for the course requirements is essential (two meetings a week and complete homework).


Ihab Balha

The manager of the “The Orchard of Abraham's children”, a peace activist and an educator, with experience in the area of Coexistence and bridging gaps between people. For more the 18 years, he has been an Islamic Cleric and a researcher of the Sufi Movement - the mythical Islamic movement.

Ihab is sanctifying values of Islam for Peace and Love which constitute powerful tools to bridge and join hearts between people.

Ihab is a family man and a father of Noor, Anis and Habib. He has had great experience in teaching  Arabic for years in groups and to individuals.

Ihab is also teaching and aiding actors in the Arabic language for TV series such as “Pa’oda” and ״Kidnapped” and more.

The classes  are built in a way that combine basic language learning with the local dialect, with a touch of the Arabic culture and tradition.


During the course we will learn the basic tools of conversation, language construction and a rich vocabulary. The course will be delivered in a fun and experimental way, combining poetry, music, games and activities.


The course includes two discussion sessions that will take place at Arab private houses in Jaffa. The group will have the opportunity to practice conversations with the hosting family and experience local Arabic hospitality. 


Students are required to arrive with motivation for learning, a willingness to invest and develop, and an ability to listen and actively participate.

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