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In Time Of Emergency
Healing is Our Mission

When pain is beyond description, the desire for revenge is raised all around us.
we chose to open and develop a healing space for mind and spirit in Jaffa.
Through projects that encourage co-existence, pro-peace educational activities, joint cultural events, and increased awareness of the environment and mother nature - The Orchard of Abraham's Children works to transcend barriers of fear and ignorance, and cultivate a culture of respect among human beings.

Shelters and protection
 In the current situation, in order to restart our educational institutions, we must purchase shelters and build protective measures within the existing buildings. It is crucial to reopening the Arab-Jewish kindergarten and school to provide a safe environment for children, addressing their fears regarding the conflict and calming tensions. 
A Healing Space for Mind and Spirit
The organization requires funding for creating a healing and supportive space for adults, parents, and staff in a way that allows the strengths and powers of the community members to come to expression in encounters of giving and support. For children, we are developing a tailored learning program for times of war and emergency that will protect their souls and help them develop a sense of competence and ability even in times of uncertainty and ongoing tension.
Economic Assistance
 The Orchard of Abraham's Children urgently needs support to address its economic challenges in time of war. This includes covering salaries and rent, especially in light of the absence of parental payments that kindergarten and school are closed.
In this time of conflict and division, your partnership can help us continue our vital work in sowing the seeds of peace and unity.
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بستان أبناء ابراهيم
Orchard of Abraham's children
בוסתן בני אברהם
Your support means a lot!

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*Donations to this charity are tax-deductible in Israel (section 46) 
Overseas donation through New Israel Fund (NIF)
Donations from England, Europe, Canada and Australia through NIF are charge-free and Tax deductible.
All donations transferred through NIF should register by:

"The Orchard of Abraham’s Children" code 51087

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